GSP Promotes More Fun Activities for Girl Scout Week Celebration

Girl Scouts all over the country are enjoined to participate in the Girl Scout Week celebration from September 14 to 20, 2014  with the theme “Imagine More” that focuses on “Imagining more opportunities for more girls in more places.”

A series of Girl Scouting activities and promotions will be held across the country.  All Girl Scouts of the Philippines Regions and Councils are encouraged to hold events relative to the daily Sub-themes of the celebration.

Day 1, Family Day, with Sub-Theme: Upholding Family Values. The Girl Scouts and their families should hold activities that will strengthen family ties and values.

Day 2, GIRL’S DAY, with Sub-Theme: Embracing Scouting in your Daily Life.  Girl Scouts must express their Girl Scouting experiences in different ways.  Some suggested activities include drawing, posting status on facebook and other activities that will show how Girl Scouting has changed their lives.

Day 3, SELF-ESTEEM DAY, with Sub-Theme: Discovering Potential. Girls are required to organize an activity on Personality Development, Public Speaking, and Leadership.

Day 4, COMMUNITY DAY, with Sub-Theme: Sharing the Spirit of Scouting. Girl Scouts are encouraged to conduct a community project that will invite more girls to be part of the movement.

Day 5, TROOP LEADER’S DAY (TEACHER’S DAY), with Sub-Theme: My Troop Leader: My Mentor and My Friend. This is a special day where Troop Leaders are recognized by the Girl Scouts through a short program to show them gratitude for the time and dedication they offered for Girl Scouting.

Day 6, PARTNERSHIP DAY, with Sub-Theme: Creating a Universal Connection with Partners.  It is a day to have possible tie-up with other agencies in conducting activities that will contribute to the development of girls.

Day 7, ESCODA DAY, with Sub-Theme: Memorializing the Heroic Deeds of our Great Founder.  This is the Josefa Llanes Escoda (JLE) Day celebration where GSP remembers its founder through a simple flower and wreath offering to JLE and donation of any amount for the Escoda Memento Fund.  The amount collected is use to support the participation of girl and adult delegates of the GSP in international projects/events.

As part of the celebration and in line with GSP’s Child Protection Policy, and World Association of Girl Scouts and Girl Guides WAGGGS’ thrust on “Violence Against Women and Children” (VAWC), the GSP National Headquarters will have a film showing of the movie “Boses” on Friday, 19 September 2014 at the Pilar Hidalgo Lim Auditorium.

The movie is all about a boy who became mute because of the physical abuse he experienced from the hands of his own father, and later on recovered from his trauma through music.

A session on Child Protection Policy and VAWC will follow after the film showing.

This week long program will help people understand the positive results of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting to individuals, communities, nations and the world.