Magic Spot Project

It is a program opportunity for the troop to work in partnership with the community to convert an “eyesore” area into a beautiful spot.  The concept is built in helping every girl in the troop to develop her planning skill and the ability to work with others in carrying out a community development project.



At the end of the triennium, a troop should have:

  • carried out a Magic Spot Project in its respective community.
  • ignited interest among other people in the community so that they will be inspired to undertake such cleanliness and beautification project.
  • sustained a Magic Spot Project with the community.


  1. The troop identifies the “eyesore” spot in its community/purok.
  2.  The troop plans out how this area can be converted into a Magic Spot by:

a. coordinating with the Barangay Chairman/Purok Leader on how the project shall be carried out;
b. inviting the community members and families of the troop members to join in the planning, implementing and monitoring the project.
c. identifying the plants to be planted in the area – ornamental, wild plants, medicinal or herbal.
d. scheduling the dates for cleaning the area and planting.
e. planning out how to maintain the area
f. documenting its project – takes photo before and after the activity for a period of three (3) years.



The Magic Spot is open to all Junior, Senior and Cadet Troops who planned, implemented and sustained a Magic Spot project in an identified community for a period of at least three (3) years.

1. The troop must be registered annually for a period of at least 3 years.
2. The Council Board must have endorsed the troop project after it has successfully passed
the screening by the Council Selection Committee before the end of the triennium.
3. The Council Screening Committee should have visited the project at least twice a year.
4. The Magic Spot shall have been evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:

a. Troop planning ———————————————————————  20%
b. Learning of troop members after undertaking the project —————  20%
c. Involvement of Community members in the project ———————    30%
d. Impact of the project in the community —————————————  30% 




July 30 – Deadline for the submission of Troop Application Form (NHQ)
Aug. 1 – Aug. 30 – Project Planning/Implementation/Evaluation
November – 1st Visit of Council Evaluators
March – 2nd Visit of Council Evaluators
July – Awarding of Certificates of Recognition to participating Troops
November – 3rd Visit of Council Evaluators
March – 4th Visit  of Council Evaluators
July – Awarding of Certificates of Recognition to participating Troops
Oct. – Dec. –  Evaluation of Troop Magic Spot Projects (By Council)
Jan. – March – Evaluation  of Regional Winners
March – Submission of Reports – Regional Winners
April – Announcement and Awarding  of Regional Troop Winners


  1. At the end of each year, each troop which participated in the Search for Outstanding Magic Spot shall be awarded a Certificate of Recognition for contributing to the betterment of a community/purok; and a troop which will be recognized with the Outstanding Troop Magic Spot in the Council level shall be awarded a Certificate of Recognition.
  1. The winners of the six Regional Outstanding Magic Spot shall be awarded Certificates of Recognition and cash prizes of P10,000.00 each.


The Council Panel of Evaluators shall be composed of a least 3 members:  Commissioner on Program; Council Committee Chairman and at least one Outstanding Community Member with an experience in Community Development.




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