Scouts Entrepreneurial Endeavors for Development


What does “entrepreneurial endeavors” include?

Activities that will help the girls develop interests, skills and abilities to manage a small business.


What can we learn from the SEED Program?

-new skills -methods or ways of managing a small business. making use of the skills we already have learning new ones. -correct positive attitudes and values towards work as reflected in our Promise & Law


Who may participate?

All Girl Scouts from Twinklers to Cadets with the guidance of their Troop Leaders.



A. Select the Project

  • In a patrol/troop meeting, we (girls and leader) think and make a list of possible projects (Small businesses) that girls can get into to earn money.
  • We compare the projects on the list and choose the best three (considering buyers, girl’s abilities, availability or raw materials and capital).
  • Using the project selection guide (see forms) select one of the 3 projects (businesses) -in choosing, we use any methods we like.

B. Plan the Project

We, using the guide make an action plan for the project. It includes a sequenced and detailed list of all the activities to be undertaken, the corresponding persons responsible, time table, resources needed, and budgetary requirements.



  • who will undergo training, canvassing, buying, producing, selling, handling of money, recordkeeping, supervising

2.    MONEY

  • what ate the sources of capital
  • how much money is needed for equipment and materials


  • what materials are needed
  • how many are needed
  • where can these be bought
  • when will buying start


  • what tools and equipment are needed
  • where can they be obtained


  • where will work in the project take place
  • where will the equipment be set up
  • where will the project be sold


  • what processes will be used in the production

7.    TIME

  • when will work the project start
  • how long will the project go on.
  • how many will be produced each time

8.    MARKET

  • where and to whom will the product be sold
  • how will it be sold
  • how can the product be made attractive and cheap


  • what will the action plan include
  • what will each girl do
  • who will see to it that each girl does her part
  • how can the group tell if the project is earning
  • how can the group tell if correct work attitudes and values are learned
  • what will be done with the money earned

C. Work on the Project

When everything has been discussed and the Patrol/Troop has made a complete plan, actual work can start.   We have to:

  • register the project using the Project Registration Form
  • raise the capital needed (Find out how much each member pledges and how she plans to raise it. Then be sure to collect the pledged amounts)
  • buy the equipment and materials
  • set-up the place for the project
  • learn how to make the product
  • make the product (Do a test run first before producing plenty)
  • sell the product
  • record expenses and sales

D. Follow-up and Evaluate

While doing actual work on the project, we have to check if things are being done as planned. For those not done, we find out why and make improvements as needed.

At the end of the entire process the patrol should review the work done so far.

We should be able to tell if we:

  • were able to earn
  • were able to learn anything
  • found the work interesting and enjoyable
  • would like to continue with the same process and why
  • would like to change some materials or processes and why

We should also find out

  • what Troop Service Project could be under taken with the earnings
  • if the Patrol/Troop would like to do another project while continuing the first project

E. Repeat Project Cycles

  • Make a revised/modified plan based on evaluation
  • Implement the plan
  • Repeat the Project Cycles

F. Report about the Project

A report about the project should be submitted to the Council Executive, who forwards it to the   National Headquarters through the Regional Office.


How to Register a Project?

1. Fill up the registration form properly
Click here to download Download SEED Form No.2
2. Submit the form to the Council Executive
3. Council Executive will endorse the form to the Regional Office
4. The Regional Executive Director will accredit the project and send a copy of the registration form to the National Headquarters.
5. The National Executive Director will confirm the accreditation and the project will be recorded.
6. National Headquarters will send a Project Registration Certificate.

At the end of the project cycle, is there a need to register the project again?

NO because the End of the Project Cycle Report will inform the Office that the project will be continued by the group. However, if a new project will be started, then this new project must be registered.




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