CGSM Award Inspires Girl Scouts to Help Others

The 685 Senior and Cadet  Girl Scouts of the Philippines who received their Chief Girl Scout Medal Award (CGSM) at the Aliw Theater in October 2013 are in good company. Hundreds before them have already received the award, and these hundreds, even thousands, have done their share in sustainable development throughout the country.

These Girl Scouts worked on the CGSM Scheme for a full year and implemented their community development projects for at least eight months in any of the following program areas: Ecology, Health, Livelihood, and Cultural Heritage.

Senior GS Andrea instructs mothers the basics of fabric cutting and pattern making.
Senior GS Andrea familiarizes the mothers with the parts of the sewing machine and its functions.

Andrea Nicole Rodriguez is one of these awardees. She was inspired to work on a livelihood project.  She conducted a community survey and found that many mothers in Barangay Poblacion in MandaluyongCity wanted to have some extra income to support the needs of their families but have no ways do it.

These mothers have to attend to the needs of their families and cannot leave their houses to look for a living.  They only depend on the meager income of their husbands to make both ends meet.

Andrea Nicole was eager to help these mothers earn a living and at the same time attend to their chores. This moved Andrea to begin her CGSM dressmaking project. A daughter of a dressmaker herself, her skill in sewing is innate to her.

She launched her project in November 2012. With help from her troop leader and barangay officials, she gathered the mothers in the community who were willing to participate in the program at the Clothing Room of Mandaluyong National High School where she was allowed to operate her project.

Mothers seriously participate in the dressmaking class offered by Senior GS Andrea.

She started the non-formal class by briefing and familiarizing the mothers with the parts of the sewing machine and its functions including troubleshooting. She also taught the mothers how to take body measurements properly. Then, she familiarized the mothers on the basics of fabric cutting and pattern making for dress, shorts, skirt, blouse, pouches, make-up kits, and other cloth products.

To Andrea’s surprise, the mothers who enrolled consistently attended the class and successfully learned the basics in sewing.  After she had finished her project, she turned it over to the barangay for sustainability with the hope that it could make a big difference in the lives of the mothers without sacrificing their roles as homemakers.

The CGSM Scheme is a unique approach by the GSP in molding the character of the girl: Spiritually, Mentally, Physically, Socially and Emotionally. Andrea Nicole is a prime example of this transformation through the CGSM Scheme.

Evaluators focused not only on the girl’s project but also, and more importantly, on her performance and personal development as well as the community’s transformation because of the project.