A Glimpse of Internship at GSP

By: Jen Raakin and Christia Jane P. Joson

We always love to have on-the-job trainees (OJT) in our midst.   Their fresh ideas, vibrancy and youthfulness,  offered something priceless for GSP and its staff.  We are happy to be part of their learning process – making them more ready to face the real world.

          The End is Just the Beginning: A glimpse of my internship at GSP

By: Christia Jane P. Joson



Christia Joson was an on-the-job trainee of the Communications Division from December 2013-February 2014.  We are sharing her account of her actual OJT experience with GSP.

It’s been two and a half months since I’ve started my internship at the Girl Scouts of the Philippines (GSP) National Headquarters. Together with my co-intern, Jen Raakin, we were assigned at the Communications Division where we were tasked to write articles, produce IEC materials, create program proposals and cover GSP events.


In addition, GSP enabled me to experience the real world of employment. It helped me to discover my strengths and weaknesses and provided me an opportunity to develop self-confidence that built my character and defined my attitude towards office works.

Words of encouragement

Time flies too fast that I didn’t realize my internship has come to an end. I completed my 400 hours internship. I’ll be leaving GSP and be back to school again to finish my other course requirements for my graduation.

December 5, 2013 was the most memorable date for me. It reminds me of my first day in GSP and my interview with my supervisor. At first, I got cold feet and scared to think of what kind of work awaits me. I had doubts, negative feelings and insecurities about myself. But God is good because He casted away all these things and let me be free from these negative emotions.

I was surprised to know that my supervisor is Ms. Myra Contessa Diokno-Sarmenta, the Assistant National Executive Director of GSP. When I met her, I saw a woman who works with passion. She’s pretty and smart. She welcomed us with encouraging words and helped us to understand the true meaning of Girl Scouting and explained the works of the staff in the National Headquarters.

Her smart and cheerful personality lessened our worries and gave us positive energy to work better.

The battle begins

My daily routine as a student was changed into an employee’s schedule. I had to wake up early, prepare myself for the long day ahead and experience the real working environment.

Our supervisor treated us like actual employees, thus entrusting us with responsibilities. We were assigned to write news articles and formulated our own proposals to promote publicity of GSP through the social media, official Facebook account and website.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Many people believe that all Communication students are good in writing. Even my supervisor expected us to write good articles.

Honestly, for me writing isn’t my “forte”. I am not fond of writing but because we need to write articles and project proposals, I realized that I should not limit my skills to the things that I already have.

My supervisor taught me to be careful when it comes to writing since we are in Communications and all eyes are on us. We must be sure that the contents of our write-ups are accurate because accuracy is very important. She also helped me to improve my writing efficiency.

It is hard for me at first, but I’ve learned to appreciate and love what I’m doing.

Something that I’ve Always Wanted

There is one thing that I never had a chance to do in my two and a half months of staying in GSP and that is to introduce myself to Ms.  Ma. Dolores “Beng” Santiago, the National Executive Director of GSP.

I may be weird but that’s what I’ve always wanted to do since I saw her in the “Tribute to Volunteers”, one of the events of GSP that I attended. I remembered the days when I wished that I can have a chance to share the elevator with her and tell her that I’m one of their OJTs.

It’s kind of funny but it’s true. I always asked myself if Ms. Beng possibly knew us, if she was aware that we are OJTs in the Communications Division.

My simple wish did not materialize though.

When I was in Tagaytay for the coverage of the blessing of the 4th Floor of Helena Z Benitez National Program and Training Center, she was there and I got so excited. I was like a teenager who saw her long-time celebrity idol who wanted to take pictures with her but, due to what we call “professionalism”, I just let myself be contented by merely looking at her and felt overjoyed that we were at the same place and at the same time even if she didn’t know me.

For some it’s weird but for me it’s kind of admiring someone whom I’ve wanted to become in the future.

Lessons Learned

At the end of my internship, I learned a lot of things more than what I’ve expected. I learned the importance of internship to a student’s life. It gave me a chance to grow, explore and discover my potentials.

As what I’ve remembered from Ms. Myra during  my last interview with her, she said the experiences that I’ve gained in my internship will serve as my guide  in stepping into the real world.

My internship ended well and I’ll have a lot of memories in GSP that I will treasure forever. I’m happy because GSP made me feel fulfilled as a student.

Now, all that’s left are the feelings that I will be missing when I go back to Nueva Ecija. I will miss the days when I have no choice but to wake up early and take the cold shower in the GSP house, the unlimited “Good morning” greetings from the guards and the staff in the National Headquarters, the blissful feeling of getting my meal allowance from the cashier and the uneasy feeling every time I enter the room of Ms. Myra to ask for her approval in my outputs.

Truly, I will never forget my internship in the GSP. They provided me with inspiring learning life experiences and quality training that served us more than just an on-the-job experience for me.