My Internship Experience in the Girl Scouts of the Philippines

By: Kim Go Padilla

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Laging handa.” This is what we all know about the Girl Scouts. And here is where I worked as an intern from July to September 2014.

The first time I visited the Girl Scouts of the Philippines (GSP) National Headquarters (NHQ), I was with my Mom and my cousin, Nicole. Since I was new to Manila, my mom toured me around to be familiarized with the area. She directed me where to ride and where to get off.

On my first day on GSP, I met Ate Princess Duldulao, a colleague from my school, Central Luzon State University (CLSU). I also brought a lunch with me, thinking I would be starting to work that day. She introduced me to Ate Mannylen Perido from the Personnel and Legal Services Division who conducted my initial interview. She was really nice and she didn’t give me a hard time on my first day. I was ready to start as an intern but I couldn’t because I had to submit other requirements. I felt sorry for my lunch.

I completed my requirements after two days and at the same time, my instructor from CLSU came to accompany me on my first day. Ate Princess introduced us to Ms. Myra Contessa Diokno-Sarmenta, the Assistant National Executive Director for Program and OIC for Communications Division of GSP. She would be my boss and I’d be working with her. We had a short interview and I was so nervous at that time. She warmly welcomed me to GSP and to the Communications Division.



After meeting Ms. Myra, I met Ate Marichel Fontijon and Kuya Dharvie Cinco whom I would be working with together with Ate Princess in the
Communications Division. On that day, the  air condition was so cold that I chilled so hard. My seat was located in front of the aircon unit that the cold air was directed towards me. I didn’t tell anyone about it because I was so shy to them.

Ate Princess suggested that I read the various GSP handbooks to have a better understanding of GSP. I learned a lot about GSP. I was advised also to think of a promotion and publicity ideas to be submitted to Ms. Myra.

A lot of ideas came to my mind but I focused on one project, “Proud Girl Scout of the Week” which will be a Facebook page.  Twinkler to Cadet Girl Scouts can join. They just have to submit their proud Girl Scout

IMG_0786pictures where they show off their good turns to the community.  A “picture moment” that will make them say “I’m a proud Girl Scout!”

From there, I submitted my proposal to Ms. Myra. And after several revisions, we finally came up with the final project: the “Proud Girl Scout Moment” (PGSM).

I created the PGSM Facebook page. Immediately, I had 100+ likes which I considered a great start. But then after weeks, I still didn’t have participants.

Another story: Ate Princess asked me to participate in their dance presentation for GSP National President

IMG_0643Dr. Salud Bagalso’s birthday tribute because they were not sure if Ate Gizelle Engada could join them. In short, I would be joining them in case of emergency. I just said yes although I knew that I’m not a good dancer. Haha. But then since Ms. Myra could no longer attend the practice, she asked me to replace her. I said yes because I really think it’s impolite to say no especially to Ms. Myra. So there, I officially became one of the dancers!

I was also writing news articles whenever there is a GSP event. I remember my first field work in Museo Pambata. I was asked to write an article about the event, which is “A Day with the Girl Scouts with Special Needs” and also to interview some Girl Scouts. I needed a little help from Ate Chel because it was my first time to conduct an interview.     After leading me, Ate Chel prepared her materials for video coverage because the event was about to start. So from there, I was all by myself. I looked for possible Girl Scouts to interview. One interview I had was with Girl Scout Chloe Tadena from Manila Council. She can’t speak nor hear. She is one of the Girls Scouts with special needs. We were with her interpreter, so while filming her gestures, I could also understand what she was telling. It was a learning experience and interaction.

I also got the chance to attend a bible study every Thursday at 12nn. There, I was introduced to another social circle. I got to meet Ate Megan Villoria, Ate Divine Comia, Ate Nimpha Palomar, Kuya Dong Palomar and many more. I always get peace of mind and joy every time I attended. I had spiritual growth.

And though my internship in the GSP-NHQ has finally ended, I will never forget Kuya Dharvie, Ate Chel, Ate Princess and Ms. Myra. Meeting and knowing these great people, I’m just grateful to God.

Thank you, Kuya Dharvie for the good laughs we shared and for your afternoon comic acts that saved our days in the office.

Thank you, Ate Chel for your advices, warnings, and ideas in life that you’ve given me. I think you just made me more cautious in life.

Thank you, Ate Princess for your patience, sweetness and love for me. Without you, I’ll be lost in track as an intern. Thank you for helping me out whenever I needed you. Your Bebe Girl will definitely miss you. :’)

And lastly to Ms. My, I’m going to miss that scent/aroma in your room. Thank you for always believing in me, for recognizing my strengths that made me more inspired to do my best. And also for recognizing my weaknesses so that I can be better than who I am today. Thank you Ms. Myra for you have been an effective and a caring supervisor to me.

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I am going to miss everyone I met! So long…