Norte Scouts Reap Awards


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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Norte Scouts Reap Awards

By Lorenzo E. Mendoza and Mary Jane Mendoza- Mejorada


WHEN it rains, it pours!

This is how we can describe the Girl Scout of the Philippines (GSP) Davao del Norte Council’s its resounding success in the recently concluded national search.

Three “Girl Scouts” bagged different national honors before year 2012 bid farewell.

Mrs. Geraldine Canlas, Mrs. Michelle Dano and Ms. Julienne Marie Batingal were chosen as the Most Outstanding District Field Advisor, Troop Leader and Senior Girl Scout in the whole Philippines respectively.

The triple victory that the Tres Marias had brought was such a jewel for Davao del Norte. Imagining how big the country is, how massive the population is, only in Davao del Norte where the Most Outstanding people were found.

The Most Outstanding District Field Advisor, Mrs. Geraldine “Jing” Canlas of Tagum South District particularly Mangga Elementary School. She served scouting movement for almost 20 years. She loved Girl Scouting since she was a kid because the engagement to different activities developed her total personality.

The Girl Scouts as the core reason why she exists in the movement was her inspiration in doing something. Instilling in their minds the Girl Scout Promise and Law is her legacy, believing that they should live in them every day.

Tita Jing is a simple person who was raised by a simple family. In every challenge she meets, especially the challenge of being a DFA, she follow her own formula: Fervent prayers + Love to work + Commitment to the movement + Dedication to the girls = SUCCESS. That’s what makes her outstanding. Behind her title, it is her family who came into her mind.

“Because they are the reason why I live, my source of strength and inspirations. The people in Davao del Norte Council and my friends as well,” she said.

And even after reaching the name of being the Most Outstanding District Field Advisor, Tita Jing still has a lot plans for the girls and for the Girl Scouting movement.

Tita Michelle “Shee” Dano, Most Outstanding Troop Leader, is from La Filipina National High School, Tagum City. She served scouting movement for 20 years. She already reached many places because of Girl Scouting and one is her dream place, Baguio City. Those are the many reasons why she loves the organization. Her inspiration is the spirit of volunteerism and true service and the words that the Mother Founder, Josefa Llanes Escoda, said before she died, “Take care of the girls.”

She was pushed to train girls to become independent and responsible women of their own. In fact she recruited 26 troop leaders to assist her in molding girls scouts in their own school and register them and send them in trainings every year. She has a long patience that made her put to the top. For her, “patience is a virtue that everyone should possess to become successful in life”

“Every time I do things for scouting, I just think of it as a challenge, new learning, so much fun, enjoyment and adventure.” Tita Shee is indeed exceptional because she would rather sacrifice her own for other people’s happiness. “If others are happy, I’m happy for them.” And upon knowing that she was chosen as the best among all the Troop Leaders, thankfulness to God came into her mind. Thankfulness of giving her a very loving and caring family. All the support, encouragement and insights they provided her inspired her to become an achiever.

At a young age, Senior Girl Scout Julienne Marie “Jam” Batingal was also chosen as top girl scout of the country. “The happiness and warmth that I feel whenever I stay with the Girl Scouting family is what I really love. She loves those extraordinary feelings that she only get whenever with them. The laughter they share during the weariness, the inspiration they acquire during the midst of  discouragement, the lessons they learn and teach and the beautiful memories they keep and remember after the tough journeys.”

She did something for the movement because the desire of inspiring other girls to become an ambassadress of change was burning inside her.

“Being nobody else but yourself makes you outstanding,” Jam describes herself as an ordinary teenager filled with faith in God, love from family and friends. They were her drive in becoming someone who is not only a simple “me” and after overcoming her test, she became stronger, more confident, and more positive in life. But she believes that her journey doesn’t end in the name of Most Outstanding Senior Girl Scout.

It is the beginning of more reasons to live as a true Girl Scout and more motivation to make a difference.

Davao del Norte council’s Most Outstanding Tres Marias are forever thankful for the trust and encouragement that their Girl Scouting family gave them most especially for the undying support of the Father of Davao del Norte Governor Rodolfo P. del Rosario, Council President of GSP Davao del Norte Providencia “Didi” Nunez and the Council Executive of GSP Davao Del Norte Council, Leah Joy D. Gonzaga

They are the pillars of GSP’s success. They serve as motivation of the three awardees to work harder in order to uphold exemplary performance of Davao del Norte Council. Their excellent leadership and commitment to scouting movement pave way to make Davao del Norte’s always on top of every competition and endeavor.

Throughout the journey, they were enveloped with prayers, confidence and faith. After all the projects they have finished, the changes they started and made, the help they spread, the goodness they shared and the girls that they have inspired, three Most Outstanding awards were surely aimed for. Another pride of our own, another pride of Eastern Mindanao Region and another pride of the entire Philippines as a whole.

The three frontrunners will partake the Giggles 2013 International Camp on July 27-August 3, 2013 at Stainforth, Settle, North Yorkshire, London, England to represent the Philippines in the said International affair as part of their incentive aside from the cash prize worth P50,000 from GSP.