The Eight-Point Challenge

The Challenge of Spirituality and Well-Being


The Challenge of Spirituality and Well-Being considers the health-giving factors and activities which contribute to the making of a well-rounded girl, sound in mind, body and spirit. It delves into spirituality, religious creeds and practices, ethics, values, attitudes and relationships. At the same time, it helps the girls in reflective and critical thinking and decision-making. The Challenge also takes the girl through Good Grooming, Sanitation, Hygiene, Nutrition, Sports and Games, Safety, Hobbies, Personal Health, Fitness Programs, Home Living and Deportment, steering her clear of drug/substance abuse and many other pitfalls and hazards in this ever-changing world.

The Challenge of Family Life


The Challenge of Family Life reinforces the role of the Filipino girl in her family which is the basic unit of Philippine society. She gets fresh perspective on her growing responsibilities as a family member and as an active promoter of healthful parenthood. Emphasis is given on her attitude and contributions towards maintaining solidarity, teamwork, openness and cooperation, to make the family God-loving, strong, cohesive, stable and always prepared to endure the challenge of an ever-changing world.

The Challenge of Economic Self-Sufficiency


The Challenge of Economic Self-Sufficiency provides practical and meaningful activities that would instill values like discipline, resourcefulness, teamwork, decision-making, leadership and followership, self-denial for the common good, thrift, industry, initiative, perseverance and creativity.

The Challenge of the Environment


The Challenge of the Environment prepares the girl to live in and cope with a rapidly changing environment and its attendant problems. It underscores awareness of environmental protection and conservation not only locally, but globally and prods the Filipino girl to advocacy and action in promoting and undertaking positive action affecting the environment to ensure a better world for her and the next generation.

The Challenge of Preparedness


The Challenge of Preparedness underscores the importance and meaning of survival in different situations. It translates the Scout Motto “Be Prepared” into real action not only at home, but also in school and the community, reinforcing Robert Baden-Powell’s idea of being in a “state of readiness in mind and body” to do one’s duty.

The Challenge of Heritage and Citizenship


The Challenge of our Heritage and Citizenship opens opportunities for the Filipino girl to love her country and all that it stands for. She carries on cherished traditions of her forefathers, their strong belief in God and unerring faith in the goodness of a Supreme Being. She looks into her past that marked her country’s history and brings to the fore what is best and useful. The Challenge surfaces an enlightened perspective of her being a Filipino, with a deep appreciation of the diverse traditions, practices, dialects and religions that are present in all Philippine regions.

The Challenge of the Arts


The Challenge of the Arts accords venue for the preparation of and experience in the sublime and finer aspects of human endeavor. The Challenge seeks to enhance the girl’s creativity, aesthetic sense, expressions and communication.

The Challenge of World Community


. The Challenge of World Community unfolds the “wider world” to the girl and her unique place in this scheme of things. She is reminded that she is part of a huge international networking which includes the WAGGGS and the United Nations. She is also encouraged to participate in the global programmes of WAGGGS and like-minded associations.