De La Salle University Thesis Students Support Eight-Point Challenge Program of the GSP

De La Salle University (DLSU), College of Liberal Arts AB Organizational Communication thesis students Chloe Cruz, Ella Ruffy, and Angelo Verina, in partnership with the Girl Scouts of the Philippines (GSP), conducted the “2014 Chall8nge the Girls” event on 15 March 2014, at the La Mesa Eco Park in Fairview, Quezon City, Philippines.

The event succeeded in introducing the concept of Cadet Girl Scouting to non-Girl Scouts from different colleges and universities in Metro Manila belonging to the 16 to 21—age  bracket. Eighty-five girls participated in the event.

“2014 Chall8nge the Girls” was patterned after the game “Amazing Race,” where participants had to finish a given task in eight stations, with each station representing the GSP’s Eight-Point Challenge. Each team was allowed to proceed to another station only after finishing the task to the satisfaction of the Girl Scout facilitators assigned to the station. Each team was made up of five college girls who are not Girl Scouts and who belong to the Cadet Girl Scout Age bracket.

The activity aimed to improve the knowledge of the non-Girl Scouts who participated in the event about the GSP’s 8-Point Challenge and to familiarize them with the Vision and Mission of GSP in order to boost recruitment of Cadet Girl Scouts in Metro Manila.

The eight tasks that challenged the participants were the following:

“Grace under Pressure” was the task that had to be accomplished under Challenge of Spirituality and Well-Being. The task of setting a dining table properly had to be done with each contestant who had to do the task with a book balanced on her head. This represented the idea of knowing the formalities in setting the table while imparting the value of being poised while doing the job. This also taught the participants focus and determination in finishing the goal.

“Family Star,” under the Challenge of Family Life, emphasized the need to build trust, cooperation, openness, and teamwork among the teammates; the same values needed by everyone to have a happy family life.

“Green Paper Clip” focused on the Challenge of Economic Self-Sufficiency. Each girl in the team had two green paper clips that she had to exchange with something of higher value from among the onlookers in the park. This activity brought out the self-sufficiency of the girls, their skills in decision-making and negotiation, and the teamwork fostered by the group. It taught the participants to be smart in terms of how they can do a good trade to get something of higher value from something with less value.

“Project Clean-Up” worked on the Challenge of the Environment, teaching girls the values of awareness of environmental protection and conservation. The activity in this station promoted positive action towards the environment by segregating garbage into appropriate bins. At the end of this challenge, each member of the team took an oath to take care of the environment from now on.

“Hide-and-Seek” was the task under the Challenge of Preparedness. It translated the Girl Scout Motto “Be Prepared” into a concrete activity showing the importance of being prepared in times of crisis, as taught by Lord Robert Baden-Powell himself. The girls had to fill a First Aid kit with the appropriate contents hidden among the trees and bushes in the park.

“Filipiniana Designer” was the activity under the Challenge of Heritage and Citizenship. The task was to design a Filipiniana costume with the use of brown paper and other unusual materials. The costume showed the young girl’s love for her country.

“Picture-Perfect” under the Challenge of the Arts made the team members express their creativity, aesthetic sense, imaginative expression, and communication. In addition, the team representative must be able to communicate well with her teammates.

“Around the World” was performed as part of the Challenge of World Community. The activity made the participants aware of the global nature of the movement through the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS).

Senior and Cadet Girl Scouts and Troop Leaders from Pasig City Council served as the facilitators while the professional staff members from the Communications, National Equipment Service, Management Information System Section, Membership, and Program Divisions of the GSP were assigned various organizing tasks.

The Eight-Point Challenge is the GSP program that embodies meaningful, responsive, relevant, contemporary, and time-tested activities that adequately prepare Filipino girls to face and cope with the changing times.