Nomination for the 23rd NCC Awards is now on!

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In preparation for the 23rd National Council Convention (NCC) to be held on May 28 to 31, 2015 in Iloilo City, the NCC Awards Committee is now accepting nominations from the field to recognize individuals who made NATIONAL AND/OR INTERNATIONAL CONTRIBUTIONS relevant to the advancement and projection of the Girl Scout Movement.

Awards and recognition shall be presented at the National Council Convention Awards ceremonies on May 29, 2015.

The councils are advised to submit the names of the nominees with pertinent documents to the Region on or before November 28, 2014. The Region will validate the authenticity of the contribution of the nominees and forward all documents to the NCC Awards Committee c/o NHQ Communications Division on or before January 30, 2015.

Who Can Nominate?

1. Anybody from the field – professional staff or volunteers

2. Non-Girl Scout who has a personal experience knowing or working with the nominee e.g. School Superintendent, Troop Leaders, etc.
1. General Impact (Relevant contribution to the advancement and projection of GSP to the society.) – 50%

2. Uniqueness (Worthy of being considered in a class by himself/herself.) – 30%

3. Ambassador of Goodwill (Ability to relate well with others and promote the Girl Scout positive traits.) – 20%