GSP Free Being Me - Action on Body Confidence


The GSP FBM-Action on Body Conference frames are available here at the GSP website. A link will also be provided at our FB page. There are two frame designs that are presented two ways: portrait and landscape (One design, 2 ways = 4 frames). To use the frames for your profile picture or for simple photo-posting on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, download the frames.

To download the frames, using laptop or desktop computer:

  1. Click the frame below.
  2. Right click the image, then click “Save as”.
  3. Click “Save”.


Using mobile phone:

  1. Click the frame below.
  2. Long press, then click “Download Image” or “Save Image”.

A. Use PhotoGrid (mobile phones)

  1. Download PhotoGrid on your phone.
  2. Open “PhotoGrid”.
  3. Select “Scrapbook”.
  4. Choose the ABC frame (landscape frame). Then, click “Next”.
  5. Click “Ratio”.
  6. Then, click “Portrait” to change to landscape, then, click “16:9” (if landscape).
  7. Click “Watermark”, then select the icon “No watermark” to remove it.
  8. Click “None” to delete the border.
  9. Click “Background”, then, select “Image”, choose your photo, then adjust if necessary, then click “Crop”.
  10. Click the ABC frame, then adjust through the lower right button of the frame.
  11. Then click “Next”.
  12. Save format (1024, JPG), then click “SAVE”.

B. Use Adobe Photoshop

  1. Open your image with Adobe Photoshop.
  2. Place the “GSP ABC” frame to your image by clicking File> Place Linked.
  3. Re-size to proportion the frame to your image.
  4. Crop your canvas to the same size as the frame.
  5. Save your file as JPEG file.

C. Use Microsoft PowerPoint

  1. Open a blank presentation on PowerPoint.
  2. Insert your picture. Proportionally adjust your picture, if necessary.
  3. Insert the GSP ABC frame. Proportionally adjust, if necessary.
  4. Save as, rename file name, save as type – JPEG File Interchange Format

D. Use (For profile picture)

  1. Open the GSP FB page.
  2. Click the GSP ABC frame in the link ( which is posted on our page.
  3. Follow the instructions of in changing your profile picture with this frame.
  4. You can now check your final image and upload on your social media accounts.

Whatever frame you choose, remember to use our official #hashtags: